Order Management: Why Is It So Important?

Being an entrepreneur can be a very tasking job, especially if you’re just starting your new business. You need to ensure that your business functions without fault from the time you receive an order, to the time you deliver it to your customers – And it gets even tougher as your business booms. Handling order management processes becomes a greater task as the number of transactions increase. Following this increase in volume of orders and clients, there arises a need for your business to automate these operations using order management systems.

We can all agree that the customers are the most important features of a business, and it is very important to please them. Customer satisfaction is one of the major things that boost a business. When a customer is satisfied they would always come back to patronize you and also refer more people to your business. One of the things that boost customer satisfaction is great customer service. 

Great customer service entails quality products, prompt responses, and correct orders. If a business does not get at least these three things right, then such business is said to have poor customer service. Good customer service helps you grow and maintain your clientbase, and that’s where order management comes in.

In this post, we will dive into how order management affects customer service, and why it is important for you and your business.

What Is Order Management?

Simply said, order management is the process of keeping track of customer orders and managing the stages required in completing them. Every business that has the customer’s interest in mind and aims at providing a maximum customer satisfaction experience needs a good order management system. 

Most businesses are turning to digital means of order management because it is easier and it helps alleviate the stress that comes with entrepreneurship. But whether you choose to go digital or maintain the normal way of managing orders, it is important to have an efficient order management system.

We’ll give you a few reasons why you need to manage your business orders more efficiently, using an order management system (OMS). But first, let’s begin by telling you what a good order management system has to offer your business.

Features Of A Good Order Management System.

An order management system, often known as an OMS, is a computer software system that businesses use to facilitate order entry and processing to make it easier and faster. A good order management system offers a lot more than customer satisfaction. It has a lot of features that benefit not just your customers, but also you and your business. 

Here are some of the amazing features of a good order management system.

  • Centralized Order Processing System.

When you get a good order management system platform, you can connect all your business branches to that single platform. This allows you to control and manage orders and data from all your stores that are connected to that platform in one fell-swoop.

  • Automated Routing System

An efficient order management system will automatically route orders to the most cost-effective fulfillment supplier. This helps with inventory management, cost control, efficiency, and ultimately offering the best client experience.

  • It Offers Automated Payment Notification Systems

Manual order management systems can make it very difficult to track debts and unpaid orders. With an efficient order management system, it is easier for you to call up customer data on your system and retrieve payments. It would notify your customers ahead of time of subscription renewal, expired cards, or any other payment notifications.

  •  Error-free Handling of Recurring Processes Faster.

Data collection and management can be very stressful when done manually – Not to mention that when a process is repeated by an individual, it is bound to be slower and there may be errors. A good order management system is built to carry out these processes over and over again without any errors. It saves you the stress of finding out where the errors occurred and attempting to fix them. 

Now that you know some of the amazing features of a good order management system, let’s dive into how using one would benefit your business.

Benefits Of A Good Order Management System For Your Business.

  • It’s Ensures That You Make Fewer Mistakes In Fulfilling Your Customers Orders

A proper order management system ensures that you make fewer mistakes when trying to fulfill your customers’ orders. It would be easier for you to know who wants what, or where the product is going. Basically, it’s making sure that every product gets to the rightful owner. This would not only facilitate customer satisfaction, but it would also ensure customer loyalty.

  • It Helps You Plan Your Restocking Better.

A good order management system tells you how much of the product is being used. This way, you can decide what products your clients prefer and what products are not selling well.

When you use the information that your order management system provides you with, it helps you know what products to majorly restock and what products to just buy a few of. This way, you won’t be investing money into a product when and where it’s not really needed.

  • It Helps You Have A More Organized Data About Your Business

When you have a good order management system, it will help you to collect and store data in one place, instead of it being scattered around different places. A good order management system makes it easier to get necessary information whenever needed, in order to help you make decisions that concern your business.

  • It Makes Customer Order Delivery Easier And Faster.

A good order management system would allow you to register, track and monitor a customer’s order until it finally gets to them. As an entrepreneur, there are already a lot of things that tend to stress you, a proper order management system would save you the stress of running around to make sure that you get our customer’s goods to them.


Your order management process is one thing you don’t want to mess up. Get it right, and you’ll be thanking yourself for years to come. But get it wrong? It’ll cost you much more than you could possibly imagine(depending on the level of the error).

So, yes… You can do it manually if you’re 101% confident. Or even better?

Use an Automated Order Management System for 100% error-free results! Our personal recommendation is Ecommerce Shipping, a software that enables you to ship, manage, track and forecast your ecommerce to scale your business.

Good luck!

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