In the eCommerce industry, shipping is an important aspect that cannot be overlooked. If you’re selling actual goods, shipping is the only way for them to get to their intended destination. Customers, on the other hand, expect their orders to be delivered at a time that is convenient for them.

However, customers’ expectations of online shopping are continuously evolving, as is the world of e-commerce. The opportunity to shop comfortably without leaving one’s home causes the entire e-commerce movement to naturally expand and meet the needs of buyers.

As a result, shipping (which used to be only a technique for a seller to get a product to a customer a few decades ago) has evolved into something more for both the seller and the customer.

The Most Popular Types Of Shipping

The significance of shipping in today’s world cannot be overstated. Shipping is the method through which items reach the buyer, whether it is a finished product or raw components. Customers usually prefer that their orders be delivered at a time that is convenient for them.

When it comes to shipping, the two most popular options are standard and express. Both of these may be required in an eCommerce store, depending on the type of shipment and the delivery time. 

Many customers are still not certain of which of these two popular shipping options represents the best deal for them. Hence, in this article, we’ll break down these two options, their differences, and the advantages they hold over each other.

Standard Shipping vs. Express Shipping

According to a customer survey, almost 44% of customers said they don’t mind waiting  for two days for items to be delivered via express shipping. This emphasizes how critical express shipping is in today’s environment.

While some of them may need their purchases delivered immediately, others may be content with the pace with which a product is delivered on a standard basis. As a result, e-commerce stores now provide multiple shipping options based on their clients’ needs.

What Is Express Shipping?

Express shipping is an accelerated shipping method that involves a quick freight process to ensure that products are delivered quickly. Depending on the dimensions and weight of the shipment, it is more frequently delivered via air or road transportation. Provisions are made to ensure that orders are shipped overnight or the next day after they are placed.

What Is Standard Shipping?

Standard shipment is also referred to as regular shipping. It normally does not include overnight delivery or any other special options for expediting shipments. Regular shipping is usually done by slower modes of transportation, such as sea freight, which results in lower prices than when express methods are used.

Key Differences And Advantages Of Express And Standard Shipping

Delivery Time

The delivery time is one of the most significant variations between standard and express shipping. Standard shipping usually takes two to eight days, whereas express shipping takes only one day because the product is transported using air couriers. In rare situations, the cargo may even arrive the same day as the recipient. Express delivery is ideal for last-minute deliveries. Standard delivery, on the other hand, is a great option if you have more time.

Cost Efficiency

Standard shipping is less expensive than express shipping because the item is delivered by surface couriers. Due to the use of air couriers, express shipping means urgent and faster delivery, hence the price and rates are greater than the standard shipping method. 

Warehouse Shipping

Standard shipping takes an average of 2-8 days to leave the warehouse, whereas expedited shipping takes an average of 1-3 days to leave the warehouse.

Shipping Cost

When it comes to express delivery, the cost of shipping is usually included in the product price. In the event of standard shipping, however, the shipping might be offered to the buyer for free. Customers are often given the option of choosing between standard shipping and express shipping depending on the urgency of their order.

eCommerce stores usually partner with reputable courier agencies to provide a seamless shipping and logistics service. This way, customers can be assured that their order will be delivered on time.

Delivery Methods

A variety of factors and delivery options must be considered when deciding between standard and express shipping. Standard shipping could be provided using a variety of means of transportation, including multimodal combinations of air, road, and marine freight. Depending on the dimensions and weight of the item, express shipping normally entails one straight air or road solution.


Having full visibility into the whereabouts and current status of your order via real-time data might help you relax. The order’s placement is typically only available through a tracking option once it is shipped from the warehouse with express shipping, however with standard shipping, the order’s placement is usually only visible through a tracking option after it arrives at a specific destination.

Do Customers Prefer Standard Shipping?

Customer surveys indicate that most customers still prefer free 3-5 day standard shipping over paying for more express delivery options if they can get the items delivered in a few days. Customers are more concerned about shipping prices than delivery speed.

Surprisingly, thirty-nine percent of customers valued express shipping over standard shipping. This is especially useful if you have order items you need urgently.

Most Common Express Shipping Items

For some items, customers prefer to use the express shipping (2-day or faster) options. Some of these items include:

  • Medicine
  • Food items
  • Electronics
  • Health or personal hygiene items
  • Pet supplies, etc.

The above are some items that customers could need urgently. There’s just so long you can be stinky, sick, hungry, and bored. Our pets are in the same boat. Sellers of these items should consider the most cost-effective strategies to offer express shipping to their customers.

Final Words

Customers often favor low-cost standard shipping options over high-cost express shipping options. However, choosing the best of the two options to ship your order depends on how soon you need it or what it is you are ordering. The faster a customer can get their item, the more pleased they are. For sellers, if you wait too long to ship the packages, the customer will go somewhere else to shop. So, while slow and steady may win the race, being on top of your shipping game is essential.

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