Make Your Shipping Profitable.

Technology has given us a lot of great things in today’s world, one of those things is e-commerce. E-commerce has simplified the process of buying and selling. Businesses now find it easier to sell their products 24/7 and from anywhere around the world. This has given a lot of opportunities for businesses to thrive.

The opportunities that e-commerce provides are numerous and accessible to everyone, so it is very easy for businesses to blossom within a short period of time. As easy as it is for businesses to thrive, it is also very easy for businesses to crumble because of some simple mistakes people make on e-commerce platforms that could easily be avoided. These mistakes sometimes occur as a result of negligence or plain ignorance.

In this article, we will be telling you about 5 most common e-commerce mistakes that you as an entrepreneur can make that can cost you and your business a lot. Knowing how to avoid these mistakes will help facilitate  the growth of your businesses.

 Because we care about the success of your business we have created this list. Of course there are more mistakes that entrepreneurs make on e-commerce platforms but these are the most common. Keep reading so you don’t ever have to make such expensive mistakes.

  • Forgetting About Shipping Costs

Most e-commerce stores tend to forget about including shipping cost when setting a price for their products. Shipping fees can vary according to location, products and shipping insurance. 

When you forget to include shipping fee to the price of a product you are forced to bear the cost on your own, this would affect your profit in such business because you would be using what should have been your profit to pay shipping costs. When you find out and attempt to rectify the mistakes by increasing the prices so early in your business, there is a risk of losing customers. Either way, such businesses are bound to fail.

So it is advisable to always add shipping cost from the beginning and avoid this costly mistake that could crush your business.

  • Use Personalized Product Descriptions

We know that creating customized product descriptions for every product that you sell can be very stressful and time-consuming but custom content is a great SEO marketing tool. When you copy and paste product description straight from the manufacturers or another page that sells the same thing, it affects your page’s SEO marketing very terribly. You would get less visits to your page resulting in less sales. 

Instead, the page you copied from would appear first because search engines give priority to original content. So, boost your sales with custom content instead of allowing laziness to deprive you of online visibility and sales.

It’s not just the product descriptions that has to be original, you should also use original pictures of your product and not pictures that you got on the internet, include pictures that show customers the size of what they are buying. All these boost your visibility and online presence. More visibility equals more sales. 

  • Not Verifying Customer’s Address.

This mistake might seem as though it is not your fault, every customer should know their addresses right? True, but this is business and we are not letting you take those chances. You have to verify customers’ address immediately after they have made payment before shipping. 

If you don’t confirm a customer’s address, it can cause you a whole lot of problems and frustrations. It would cost extra shipping fees because the company would return your product back to you when they can not find the customer and then you have to send it again to the correct address.

 You also risk losing the customer,they could also ask for a refund. To save yourself all the stress, make sure you always confirm your customer’s address before shipping. A good e-commerce platform will allow you to verify a customer’s address but if you are not using one, you could create an extra column on  your check out page asking them to confirm the address where they would like to receive their delivery.

  • Frustrating Checkouts And Bad User Experience

It is important to make sure that your e-commerce website is easy to use. Most times, customers genuinely want to purchase a product online but when they get to the checkout page and it is difficult to decipher, they just leave the order pending without making any payments. This leaves you with a lot of orders and no sales.

When choosing an e-commerce platform,  you should choose one that has easy checkout options, so that you can make actual sales. Or if you would prefer to build your own e-commerce website then you should make sure that it is very user-friendly and aims to provide the best possible user experience.

  • Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service can cause a whole lot of damage to a business. Bad customer service entails a lot of things, it is not only about being rude to customers. You have to be available to handle their questions and issues around the clock. How you respond to their issues too tells a lot about your customer service. If you take a lot of time to answer their questions, they might get frustrated and go buy elsewhere.

Always try to answer their queries on time and in a friendly manner too. One word responses are not advisable because it can be perceived as you being rude and nonchalant, and this can make you lose your customers. Customers are why your business exists, try not to lose them.

 When choosing an e-commerce platform for your business,be sure to pick one that makes everything easier for you, just to alleviate some of the stress of entrepreneurship. Now that you know about the mistakes that entrepreneurs make on e-commerce platforms it would be easier to prevent. This gives you an edge over your numerous competitors on the same platform. 

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